The Name

If this then that is what's called a material conditional, historically used by logicians and mathematicians — and now a common concept in software development. It's a logical equation (p → q) that considers existing values and outputs a "truth function," which gives direction to what should come next.

Our name, If This Then Creative, means strategic decision making goes into everything we do for clients to give them all of what they need and none of what they don't. We engineer creative marketing campaigns and inventive solutions uniquely tailored to meet their business needs.

The Guy


Hi! I’m Matthew Vermillion, founder of If This Then Creative.

I'm a creative who tucks his shirt in and a strategist who throws out the rule book.

After spending nine years as a university instructor teaching writing, rhetoric and literature, I left the world of academia behind for the fast-paced, always-be-innovating world of digital marketing.

I cut my teeth on social media marketing and copywriting and continued on a trajectory that has allowed me to develop a deep knowledge and skillset across the industry including creative direction, content strategy, brand strategy, content syndication, email marketing, lead generation/nurturing/scoring, digital advertising, analytics reporting and more.

Now, with more than a decade of experience under my belt from both agency and client side, I've launched my own shop. I specialize in strategy, creative direction and copywriting, and I collaborate with the best graphic designers, media buyers and developers in the biz to meet and exceed clients' needs.

I’ve worked with B2B and B2C clients including Fortune 100 companies, digital agencies, small businesses and startups — and I'd love to help your company tell a story that connects with your audience and moves them to action.

Some clients I’ve previously done work for: